Trial Session



This taster class is a two hour session where the instructor will walk you through the basics of working with clay.

The session will be divided into two parts. The first hour will start with a demonstration of hand building techniques followed by a 40 minute exercise making your own hand-built product. The second half of the session will start with a demonstration on the potter’s wheel followed by a 40 minute exercise centering clay and familiarizing yourself with the material and the potter’s wheel.

The objective of this session is to give you an idea about the process of making ceramics and help you decide if this is a skill you’re interested in growing.

No products from this session will be fired or kept. Ceramics is a process that requires time and patience and clay work is usually worked on over different stages of drying in order for it to be completed. Our focus during all our sessions will be on learning the process rather than completing a rushed pot. Trust us, you can’t rush clay.